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veEDIS™, the most advanced Emergency Department management software available, provides the ability to initiate and track the patient from entry to discharge.

Intuitive and easy to use, it delivers innovative solutions to clinical decision-makers through real-time comprehensive nurse and physician documentation. Gathering and delivering patient data quickly and accurately on a web browser, veEDIS provides a cost efficient communication flow that increases Emergency Department efficiency and enhances patient safety.

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ProMED veEDIS™ Leverages 20-year Data Capture Foundation to Provide the Industry’s Most Enhanced Quality Measures 2012 Release

Date: May 21, 2012

Plantation, FL – When Quality Measures and multi-level reporting were introduced in 2008, ProMed veEDIS had already been capturing these metrics for over 15 years. Now that Quality Measures 2012 have been established, veEDIS continues to not only meet the requirements, but markedly exceed them with real time alerting and detailed reporting.

The end result, veEDIS clients have access to the most enhanced tools to meet the requirements of Quality Measures 2012. Through real-time utilization, the program assimilates the required information into concise and clear reports without changing, adding to, or otherwise encumbering the clinical workflow.

“I compare our 20-year development of veEDIS to that of building a house,” said Thomas L. Grossjung, veEDIS President and CEO. "If the foundation is right from the start, we can keep building higher. In the case of veEDIS, our data capturing foundation started in 1991, and as of today, our Quality Measures 2012 greatly supersede the industry requirements.”

“veEDIS continues to be the vanguard in delivering features early to market,” added Grossjung. “The newest content contained in this release excels in providing the ability to manage consistent outcomes with increasing clinical functionality. In addition, veEDIS’ latest release best positions hospitals for achieving better grades and incentives for turn-key financial reimbursements.”

One of veEDIS’ Quality Measures 2012 architectural enhancements involves sophisticated alerting modules to help ensure clinical quality measure objectives are achieved in real-time. veEDIS assists in identifying which patients qualify for Quality Measures 2012 and then prompts clinicians to provide the appropriate therapy.

As a patient’s chart is electronically finalized, any remaining deficiencies related to Quality Measures are brought to the attention of the tending clinician, providing yet another opportunity to meet government standards for quality care.

Real-time reminders are provided to both nurses and physicians for specific health conditions including asthma, pneumonia, heart attack, stroke and thromboembolism, facilitating enhanced quality care, increased patient safety and improved patient outcomes. veEDIS also collects patient throughput-data for a variety of critical points and provides reports for wait times and length of stay in the emergency department. This data can be further stratified in numerous ways including elements contained in Quality Measures 2012.

About ProMed veEDIS

veEDIS is Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) software designed to streamline emergency department management. Created by a team of credentialed physicians and nurses, veEDIS combines real emergency department experience with advanced technology to provide software that assists in meeting quality patient care and safety goals. Certified by the Drummond Group in early 2011, veEDIS enables hospitals to seek the earliest stimulus funding opportunities under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

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