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veEDIS - Care-TRAK™ Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Provides Real Time Tool to facilitate identification of potential Ebola Virus cases

Date: October 13, 2014

Early Diagnosis Now Possible for Emergency Room Patients

Plantation, Florida - veEDIS Clinical Systems, LLC, announced today that Care-TRAK™, an unrivaled clinical decision support component of the veEDIS Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, has been updated to help Emergency Department physicians and nurses recognize potential Ebola virus cases. Users of veEDIS EMR with Care-TRAK will receive a RISK ALERT if and when one of their patients has a travel history to any area with Ebola, or anywhere outside the United States, and signs and symptoms consistent with Ebola or other communicable disease.

In doing so, Care-TRAK facilitates early identification of potential Ebola virus cases and may be the next step in helping contain the disease, improving patient safety, community safety and public safety.

Care-TRAK presents relevant information to physicians so they do not have to look for it. Working in the background, Care-TRAK monitors the patient’s entire medical record as it scours through nursing and physician documentation, laboratory results, and orders. It identifies clinically relevant pieces of data, and then runs it through a library of “multi-dimensional” risk algorithms, integrating the clinical information and automatically generating real time alerts unique to each patient.

The first known case of a patient with Ebola virus in an American facility was missed when Thomas Eric Duncan was discharged from Texas Health Presbyterian Emergency Department in Dallas, Texas. An initial statement released by the hospital indicated that the crucially important travel history documented by the Emergency Department nurse did not, “automatically appear in the physician’s standard workflow.” With CareTRAK, this vital information would have been identified and clearly presented to the care team.

“Physicians need tools that will sort through the data and automatically bring them relevant information, not require them to look in a different place for each piece to the puzzle,” commented veEDIS Clinical Systems Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Paul Lindeman. “Whether considering Ebola, or other clinical risk factors, physicians need these systems to be smarter. Separate the wheat from the chaff and bring me the wheat. Nowhere in clinical medicine is this more important than in the nation’s busy Emergency Departments.”

CareTRAK provides a risk reduction tool that dynamically mirrors the current condition of the patient, not a one dimensional static point in time. This means that when providers are presented with an alert, they can be confident that it is meaningful.

CareTRAK is currently available as a component of veEDIS, the best of breed, cloud-based, Emergency Department EMR. As a stand-alone, light-weight, cloud-based tool, CareTRAK can provide value by integrating into any EMR, helping to reduce risk as well as improve patient outcomes and public safety.

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Founded on strong business and clinical leadership, Care-TRAK/veEDIS has amassed deep experience in all aspects of EMR development, implementation, integration, and support. Care-TRAK is a lightweight, cloud based, EMR-agnostic intelligent clinical decision support tool, with three dimensional logic and reversible alerts. veEDIS is a cloud based, content complete EHR, Emergency Department Information System. Care-TRAK and veEDIS were created by a team of physicians and nurses to use today’s smartest technology to deliver exceptional quality patient care and meet safety goals. Visit us at and


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